Expect A Miracle Inspirational Quotes: Is a Miracle Prayer, Luck or Manifestation of Intention?

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This is one of many powerful inspirational quotes from John Di Lemme. Let’s unpack it so you can feel its full impact.

Expect a Miracle

When you expect a miracle, nothing is impossible. Nothing is too much to ask for or too much to hope for.

To expect a miracle puts you in the position where it can happen.

You’re not begging someone else to make a miracle happen for you. no. You know with a quiet confidence that the miracle is now.

Command the atmosphere of expectation

I really love the way he words this.

The ATMOSPHERE of expectation.

An atmosphere means it’s not just holding a thought or touching a feeling. Atmosphere is all around you. It is pervasive. It is everywhere.

To create an atmosphere means that all elements of your environment support positive expectancy.

This means the people, the physical environment, the media, the colors, the emotions, the thoughts, the nourishment—literally everything around you—supports your expectation of a miracle.

How do you command the atmosphere? The other elements of the quote give you specific directions.

Powerful faith-filled words

Your words have power. To speak words out loud literally changes the vibration of your atmosphere, because sound waves come forth. Those sound waves definitely affect your atmosphere.

If thoughts have that much power over water crystals, imagine the power of spoken words!

How do you use your words?

You literally take charge of your thoughts, your words and your actions in order to craft the life of your dreams. So choose your words wisely.

Do you gossip or uplift?

Gossip, bad-mouthing yourself and other forms of negativity tear down. Empowering, healing words uplift. You can literally change the atmosphere around you by speaking words of power, encouragement  and validation to everyone you encounter.

Including yourself.

Do you speak badly of yourself or speak miracles into being with the power of your words?

“To expect a miracle is to speak miracles into being.” – Ronda Del Boccio Inspirational Quotes

Your words must not be empty promises, hollow wishes or half-baked  longings.

Your words must be faith FILLED. Full of faith, top to bottom, side to side, through and through.

Faith takes cultivation, consistency and expectancy.f

And the last aspect of the miracle formula?

Daily focused action.

Thoughts and words are essential, but they are not enough.

Consider how often you may have said you were planning to drop a few pounds, write that book or start working on that project and yet you never made it happen.

Could miracles be the same way?


To command the atmosphere of expectation means taking charge of everything in your environment. Certainly the externals are important, such as positive people and a conducive environment.

But your best tools that either harm you or catapult you toward your dreams are your thoughts, words and actions.

What kind of actions?

Focused action that is not random or aimless in any way. Focused action means there is a specific goal or outcome in mind. It is purposeful and full of intent.

And more than that, the actions need to be things you do daily. Creating an awesome life is not a “one and done” thing.  You cannot put out one strong intention and forget about it and expect to create the miracle.

Focused actions taken daily are necessary. Cultivating your mind, body, emotions, and spirit is an ongoing work in progress.

Your positive momentum depends upon the degree of your focus and the level of your consistency.

Now look at the question that began this journey of discovery once again.

So Is a Miracle Prayer, Luck or Manifestation of Intention?

Prayer, like any form of meditation, centering and grounding,  is always a good thing. It has many health benefits as well as spiritual/centering ones.  Consider the difference between praying from powerlessness VS praying from powerful expectancy and openness.

I personally do not believe in luck.

I definitely believe in miracles, and I know that you can not experience a miracle unless you expect one.

Read that John Di Lemme inspirational quotes one more time.

Write it down. Carry it with you.

Speak it every day and speak your miracle into being.

“Expect a Miracle. Command the atmosphere of expectation with your powerful faith-filled words and daily focused action.”
– John Di Lemme

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