The Lost Art of Paying Attention: Do You Need a Transformation Makeover for Your Mind?

The Lost Art of Paying Attention

I have observed that people have a tough time paying attention.

It shows up in little ways that can tend to cause the people with whom you interact do more work.

A customer bought a program from me and said she couldn’t access it.

It is my supreme intent that everyone feels well served. I invite you to see my Vision statement to show you my commitment.,

I assumed that perhaps a link had gone bad or something like that. It happens even though I check links and test everything. When you’re in business, such things will happen from time to time.

My download page shows you what to do step by step, but I didn’t want to tell her to just follow the directions.

I actually went into the membership site, created the account she needed to attain her program, and then sent her the link. She still had problems, which baffled me.

I assumed something went wrong on my end, but I discovered that she simply didn’t follow clearly laid out instructions.

First, I checked the registration link. It was perfect.

Then, I checked the login link. It was perfect.

What was NOT perfect was the attention of the customer.

Now, I’m not laying blame or being nasty. I go out of my way to make things as easy as possible. But some people truly do need a transformation makeover for your thoughts and your attention.

The Cure for the Disease of Lack of Attention

Remember what your mommy told you as a kid to help you cross streets?





That’s what you should do in all aspects of life.

If you fail to notice the obvious, you’re missing out on a whole lot of other things in life as well…like perhaps your children, your spouse, and things that would bring you supreme joy if only you would pay attention to them.

Also, you may find yourself getting into trouble at work if you’re not paying attention. In a manual job, this could lead to you losing a finger. In a car, it could lead to you taking a life.

Don’t blah your way through life.


LOOK at what’s in front of you.

Listen and/or watch for instructions.

I can’t pay attention FOR you.

I go above and beyond so that there is more than text on a page for you. I can’t come to your house and click the buttons FOR you, but I really focus on crafting clear instructions.

Just follow them.

Because if you can’t follow a simple instruction, I imagine your life is in a MORE than a bit of a shambles in many areas.

Benefits of Paying Attention

  1. You won’t injure yourself or others due to lack of attention.
  2. You find more pleasure in what you are doing.
  3. You are more present for your loved ones, friends, and job.
  4. You smile more.
  5. You connect with people in a much more satisfying way.
  6. You don’t lose your keys or other objects so often.
  7. You actually find life m ore interesting, not less.
  8. You really LIVE your life.
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