Thought for the Day: How Do You Show Up in Life?

How Do You Show Up in Life?

I begin with storytelling to help you consider how you show up in life. This just happened to me, and it is a perfect way to help you consider this thought for the day.

This is a tale of two thrift stores.

Molly Flagtail, the amazing guide dog, is ready for action!

There is a new resale shop in the area, and my mom and I decided to visit. From the moment we walked in, we felt unwelcome. The two people keeping the shop were clearly not happy about my guide dog Molly being in the store, despite 90 years of training guide dogs and the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act, which has been law since 1992.

Naturally, with that attitude, I wouldn’t have spent a dollar if I wanted something. Beyond that, their merchandise was not very good and they charged way too much for things you might tag for a dime in a jumble sale.

I could practically hear their thoughts, “get out of here!” Yet I was polite. No, I knew I would not spend money with them, but I did not let them cause me to respond in an ugly way.

I stayed long enough to make a point. What a surprise to learn that the Lions Club meets inside that same building! I know they would not support such a horrible attitude.

After leaving the resale shop, I literally shook the nastiness of the place off myself the way a dog does when shaking off water. Yuck! I won’t be going back, and I will make a point of telling people about my unpleasant experience there.

We went from the ridiculous to the sublime. Our next stop was another thrift store. We go there from time to time and always have a good experience.

The proprietor immediately said hello in a cheerful, welcoming voice. I looked at my mom and said, Now that’s more like it!” We wandered through the store and mom found a treasure. (That’s what we call finding any good find at a resale shop).

What a contrast!

Now back to the question that began this post:

How Do You Show Up in Life?

Do you telegraph your judgments with every breath? Or do you approach life with warmth and openness?

You get to create your day and decide how to respond. You need not react to external situations and cause them to change your mood, attitude or way of being. This is true even in unpleasant situations.

Know that whatever you exude is what you call to you. So if you feel that people are not trustworthy, then you call to yourself those who you would not choose to call friends.

And by contrast, if you are open and inviting, you cause people to want to be around you.

Now, that said, there will always be people who come into your life who aren’t very nice. It might be a customer who whines and demands a refund despite having everything they need in their hands.

At those times, the thing to do is gently hold up a mirror while standing firm in your integrity and love.

Love is always the answer.

Everything done in love begets love.

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